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Facts about Tidal Energy

As the world looks for alternative fuel sources, tidal energy is starting to attract attention again. Following is an overview of facts about tidal energy.

Facts about Tidal Energy

If you have ever lived near the ocean, you know about tides. Like clockwork, the tide rolls in and out moving massive amounts of water from here to there and back again. This massive movement of water also happens to contain a huge amount of energy. If the power of the tides could be converted to usable energy, many think tidal energy would be the answer to many of the energy problems in the world.

There are two basic theories on how to convert tides into power. The first involves converting the power of the horizontal movement of the water into electricity. The second involves producing energy from the rise and drop of water levels. With our vast knowledge of hydroelectricity production with dams, converting moving water is currently the favored technology. 

With hydropower, energy is produced by passing moving water through turbines which spin and create electricity. While this may seem an obvious way to go after tidal power, there are some inherent problems. First, tidal water moves much slower. Second, the energy in tides are spread across great areas, to wit, the energy in the amount of water that would pass through even a large


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